Raft trip along the Dunajec River

Raft trip along the Dunajec River

Raft trip along the Dunajec River

The raft trip along the Dunajec River starts at the raftsmen’s haven in Kąty and from the point you will be taken by a raft for a remarkable trip. The tour is 18 kilometres long and the variation of the water level is 36 metres – depending on the water level the distance is covered in 2-3 hours. The picturesque scenery, the mountains and one of the most beautiful river gorge in Europe.

The prices regard the drive to the visiting place and back to the getaway. The price includes all transport fees. The above-mentioned prices cannot be considered as a commercial offer within the meaning of the code of commercial partnerships. Each reservation should be preceded by a confirmation of the transport fee.

Distance from Kraków: 100 km

One-way travel time: 1h 45min

Tourist sights:

Raft trip along the Dunajec River – 18 km
Raftsmen’s haven
Picturesque scenery

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