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Discover the most beautiful and interesting places in Poland.
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We deal with providing transport services in Cracow, Poland and Europe from the Airport in Kraków Balice, Kraków and all places determined by our Customers. We offer comprehensive logistic solution for the work you order. You will be provided a VAT invoice for the services we provide.


of transfers

Possible route to another location!

Up to 4 people
5 – 8 people
   Kraków Balice – Kraków Downtown
80 PLN
110 PLN
   Kraków – Katowice Pyrzowice
330 PLN
500 PLN
   Kraków – Zakopane
360 PLN
400 PLN
   Kraków – Warszawa
900 PLN
1000 PLN

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  • Transport in a short time
  • up to 8 people at once or multiple of them
  • Access to the airports in Krakow and Katowice at any time
  • Payment by card or cash


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  • Prepared from A to Z
  • We're getting tickets
  • Get to know Polish culture
  • Discover Zakopane, Wieliczka, Auschwitz-Birkenau, Częstochowa and more!

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  • Top-quality amenities
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  • Business meetings
  • Office party
  • Occasional events
  • Birthdays, weddings,, etc.

What we love in Poland

places you must visit

In our offer you will find the most beautiful and the most interesting places in Poland.

Extermination Camp

The museum was established in 1947 by former prisoners of the Auschwitz Birkenau Extermination Camp in order to keep “for all eternity” remnants of the former German Nazi concentration camp.

Salt Mine

From 13th century to 1772 it was a part of the Żupy Krakowskie together with the “Bochnia” salt mine. The salt extracted in the mine was formed in the Miocene.
700-year-old monument!

Capitol of Polish Mountains

Zakopane – town in the southern Poland, in the małopolskie province, seat of the tatrzański district.

The raft trip along the Dunajec River is the greatest tourist attraction of Polish mountains. During the raft trip you will see the beauty of the Pieniny Mountains for yourself.


The Tyskie Brewing Museum was established in 2004. In the museum there are collections of exhibits involving the tradition and history of the Tyskie Brewery.

A castle in the village of Sułoszowa, within its three administration units, located in the Prądnik Valley near Kraków, in the Ojców National Park.

Tarnowskie Góry

600-metre-long section of the “Friedrich” Deep Adit, the longest sough in the area of Tarnowskie Góry, a part of the “Friedrich” royal lead and silver ore mine established in 1784.


Family house of the Pope John Paul II in Wadowice – museum in the family house of the Pope John Paul II


Visiting a 19-century coalmine with former miners as guides, a museum and underground concert halls.


Sanktuarium wraz z klasztorem zakonu paulinów w Częstochowie, położone na wzgórzu Jasna Góra. Jedno z ważniejszych miejsc kultu maryjnego.


A town in southern Poland in małopolskie province founded in the first half of 17th century.

Park divided into four thematic zones containing about 80 attractions in total intended for all group ages, including 12 rollercoasters.

Combined trips

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1-day combined trips

Servicing events

If you organize a business meeting, a conference or a family event; a wedding, baptism or birthday party, we will take your guests to the site and will stay at your disposal till the event ends or only for a specified time.

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